Although it is hailed as being an easy meal to make, beef stew can sometimes be a bit tricky to master. Either the meat is too tough or some ingredient just doesn’t sit well with the rest. Lucky for you, you can master this particular beef stew recipe and become a true kitchen queen.

Beef combines well with Bay leaves, Thyme, Rosemary and huge, bold flavors. Always use a stock to match protein, so for this situation beef.Here, ostrich or lamb, beef stock will work. For pork, chicken or vegetable, utilize a vegetable or chicken stock.

Keep in mind that you can not rush a stew. The meat needs to cook gradually, as opposed to boiling quickly. The flavors require time to liquefy into each other, the sauce needs to thicken, and the meat needs to get so soft that it falls apart. This is the reason tough cuts of meat are exceptionally appropriate to stew. Whatever you do, do not waste cash on costly cuts of beef rather, pick Beef shin, Stewing beef or chuck.

Start your stew the same way incredible dishes start, with an onion. Chop the onion, use little butter or oil in your dish and let them cook on a medium warmth until the point that they are pleasantly caramelized. It’s likewise not an awful idea to tidy the onions in a light covering of flour before beginning to cook them. It will pay off when the stew is done, as the flour will enable you to accomplish that pleasant, thick sauce rather than a thin and watery stock.

You at that point need to assemble your flavor base by searing off the meat and some other fragrant ingredients. Put some more oil in the dish over a medium-high warmth and include your ingredient. Things like Spices, Garlic, Vegetable, Bay leaves and tomato glue all go in here. The key is to truly get the meat burned over a sensibly high warmth with the goal that you make them brown on the container.

Keep the vegetable pieces genuinely vast to ensure they don’t swing to finish mush while the meat cooks. You at that point include a sprinkle or two of acidic fluid, regularly wine, to the container and cook it for a brief timeframe, scratching up any consumed bits from the base of the skillet as you go.

The main part of your work is presently done. Presently you simply need to include fluid and additional flavoring. The fluid ordinarily is stock or water, or tinned tomatoes. For flavoring, Worcestershire sauce is a decent beginning point.

Another sprinkle or two of wine never goes wrong, alongside a lot of pepper and potentially Tabasco in the event that you like somewhat of a kick. Make sure to taste before including salt, as stock can be very salty. Thyme is an incredible herb for flavoring beef stews, regardless of whether you pick crisp or dried.

After including your picked fluid and flavoring put on the cover and let it cook gradually on a low warmth. Include some cubed potatoes after around 60 minutes, to maintain a strategic distance from them going excessively soft. On the off chance that you don’t care for vegetables too soft, you can add them to the potatoes instead of cooking them in the skillet toward the beginning. Give the blend a chance to cook for a few hours inside and out, and a fragrant, steaming stew with perfectly soft meat ought to be your reward.

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