You can use the welding process to join two materials together by fusing them using high temperatures. The tool used for welding is called a welding power supply, or simply a welder. Welding is not a simple process and can be very dangerous if not done properly due to operating with high temperatures.

There are different types of welding processes and each is used for a different purpose. The three most common ones are MIG (metal/inert-gas) welding, TIG (tungsten/inert-gas) welding, and stick welding. There is one more type, however, that can be used for various useful purposes.

Flux welding

Flux welding, also called FCA or FCAW (flux-cored arc welding) is actually considered to be a subtype of MIG welding. They both use a consumable wire electrode that is continuously-fed at a constant speed. Flux welding, however, is characterized by a flux inside of the wire. That flux protects the arc from contamination so you don’t need to use separate gas regulators to work safely.

Flux welding has many benefits. The welding process can be performed easily outside even in windy conditions. You can also weld dirty and rusty materials because of the flux’s shielding capabilities. Flux welding is often used in outside construction work. It is praised for its versatility and the ability to use in different positions – it is relatively easy to weld in difficult to reach places.

Best flux welder for beginners

One of the most beginner-friendly flux welders on the market is Flux 125 Welder from Harbor Freight. The 125 in the name refers to the maximum output which is 125 amps. It is a very lightweight welder that is perfect for someone who is looking for something to perform various welding jobs both in the house and in the yard. The Flux 125 Welder is very compact which makes it portable – it is a perfect tool to bring with you if you need to perform some welding away from home.

The Flux 125 Welder can weld mild steel materials from 18 gauge to 3/16 inches so it should be more than enough for regular welding needs. You can control the speed wide settings to get the desired welding results. It is equipped with thermal overload protection that minimizes the risk of the tool overheating.

This welder is very easy to learn and use. People who purchased the Flux 125 Welder applaud its simplicity and efficiency. It also doesn’t cost a lot which is great if you are just beginning to weld and aren’t sure what type of welder will be best for you. It costs less than $200 which is a lot less than some other well-known brands.

Remember, however, that the welder is just one part of the welding equipment you will need. Do not forget to purchase full protective gear – thick leather gloves and a face shield. They will protect you from burns should any sparks fly your way.  The face shield will also prevent injury to your eyes. Welding without eye protection can permanently damage your eyesight so it is crucial to only operate the welder once you’ve put on every piece of protection.

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